Wearable Glass Artists

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Noor Dphrepaulezz
I discovered a glass color formula for my perfume bottles that could strike color patterns by thermal shock (the application of wet newspaper or blowtorch). Since then, I have been fascinated with design and wearable art.
(808) 878-3565 |
Also see: Cast, Kiln-Formed, and Blown Glass Art.
Worcester Glass Works - Kelly Cliff~Worcester
For 39 years The Worcesters have been transforming molten glass into high quality, original art. We welcome you to our studio and Gallery in Kula.
Aloha Bill, Sally, Mike, & Kelly
4626 Lower Kula Road, Kula, Maui, HI 96790 | (808) 878-4000 | | www.worcesterglassworks.com
Also see: Blown Glass Art
Dorothy Wissmar
Lampworking and Kiln-Forming lend themselves to all kinds of fun things to do with glass.
2468 W. Vineyard St. Wailuku 96793 |
Also see: Kiln-Formed and Lampworked Glass Art
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