Meeting notes - May 12, 2011 

General Meeting Minutes  -  Maui Glass Artist’s Association
General Meeting at Karuna Santoro's residence -   May 12, 2011

Members Present:

Karuna Santoro, Jim Smith, Valerie Smith, Dona Ziegler, Georgia Norton, Bill Cox, Ditmar Hoerl, Dot Wissmar, April Shiotani, Uta Shiotani, Dennis Chamberlain, Mike Worcester, David Musgrove, and Randee Gabriele

The meeting was called to order by president, Dennis Chamberlain at 5:50 PM. Introductions were made.

Treasurer’s Report:

Karuna stated that MGAA has $2798.45 in the bank. Several members still owe their dues.

Website update:

Bill Cox is looking for more pre and post Lanai Glass Show photos and would appreciate any photos from future events. The website is being well visited and, as an fyi, Josh Cox did get a good commission from a website referral. Karuna suggested a page for “corporate gift” items with appropriate links.

Old Business:

Dennis emailed a survey to members and received 8 responses. Several members mentioned not receiving the survey and it was suggested an update may be needed for their anti-spam software. The Response Summary: All responders are MGAA members. For activities after the business portion of the general meeting:

Watching glass related videos: 87.5%
Guest speakers: 87.5 %
Art discussions: 62.5%
Tool discussions: 50%
Tool swap: 25%
Formal critiques 12.5 %

For expansion of MGAA scope:
Glass demonstrations: 87.5%
Guest speakers: 62.5%
Education: 75%
Workshops: 100%
Field trips: 37.5 %
Themed challenges/exhibits: 25%

For those planning to show work at the Lanai Glass Exhibition:
Yes, and I will be on Lanai to help: 37.5%
Yes, I will be sending work for the exhibit: 12.5%
No, I will not be participating: 50%

Next general meeting will be a roundtable on the business of Glass Art. Among the survey responses, most interest was in workshops, guest speakers and a bit less so on field trips. Dennis mentioned a guided tour of the Waikamoi State Preserve. Access is very limited and it is an inspirationally beautiful preserve on Maui. We will be setting up hikes into the Preserve soon so let us know if you are interested.


The Lanai Art Show, sponsored by the Lanai Art Center and coordinated by Sherry Williams, was very successful. The Four Seasons Resort was most pleased with our presentation and has requested that we come back in the fall for a show with a holiday theme.

A discussion was held over the commission for Lanai Art Center. This past event their commission was 45% of the sale but they did handle all the show arrangements, the monetary transactions, local transportation and most packing and shipping. All of this would be MGAA’s responsibility if we do a fall event. A suggestion was made that we ask for a 35% commission and have the Lanai Art Center help out with both shows. They will be approached. MGAA members are reminded that they did not have to be at the Lanai show to sell their pieces.

Dennis mentioned a collaboration of MGAA and MOCA, Maui Ceramic Artists: a “From the Kiln” show. A joint committee will be needed to review and set up the location, time, costs and etc. Maui Mall is a good centrally located site with good foot traffic and usually has available space. It often has special events such as the “Art of Trash” show which is there now.

The Holiday Glass benefit is set up like a holiday gift fair. It would be possible to schedule this sometime around the end of October or early November. A discussion was held and the general consensus is to “go for it.”

Maui Open Studio 2012 has started signup. Carolyn Quan is the coordinator. The starting price has gone up to $125 and the prices increases each month until closing in November. This year’s most successful studios where those who combined artists with variety of work. There was no commission for this event.

Collaborative Artists’ Workshop Event, such has the EMMA Lake event in Canada and the Summer Collaboration (during our winter) in New Zealand. The idea would be Collaboration Maui, 5 to 7 days of creative art workshops with a large gala/auction for a finale. Participation would be limited to 5 artists from each island and the remaining artists from off island. Ditmar suggested that this is quite beyond the scope and ability of MGAA. A separate multi-artist committee would be needed to coordinate such an event.

Pilchuck Auction is mid October; if you wish to submit piece(s) they are due by the 2nd week of July. Check their website for details.

A number of former MGAA members have moved off island and our present bylaws state Maui residency is required for membership. Former members, such as Bob Hoffmeyer, have indicated they are interested in joining MGAA for special events like the Lanai Show. A discussion was held and a motion made by Dot: “Any previous member who has moved off island may join MGAA for an event as a guest artist by paying the membership and event fees.” Second by Dennis. Further discussion was held and the motion passed.

Jim and Dave brought up the “Art at Ma alaea” shops possibility. A storefront is being used as a collaborative “art shop” where artists lease booth space(equivalent to 3 tables) for $50/day or $25/day for a single table. Hours are 10 AM to 5 PM daily. Maui memorabilia and jewelry seem to sell the best. We could start as early as June 1st using the MGAA banner and also have our tee-shirts available. Discussion was held.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:40 PM.

The Next meeting will be held at Randee Gabriele's house. Date and directions will be posted on the website and in the next newsletter from Dennis. Stay tuned. Lots of good stuff coming up.



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