Meeting notes - March 14, 2012

Maui Glass Artist Association
Members’ Regular Meeting
March 14, 2012
5:30 PM HST

Worchester’s Glass Studio
2643 Lower Kula Rd.
Kula, HI 96790

MGAA Members Present: Sandy Lercari, Dot Wissmar, Jim Smith, Bill Worcester ,David Johnson, Mike Worcester, Kelly Cliff-Worcester, Rona Smith, Dennis Chamberlain, Bob Lercari, Karuna Santoro, Kim Treloar, Monica Morakis, Ditmar Hoerl, Rick Strini

Visitors Present: Bob Lercari, Jenny Sharp, Glen Shiotani

Call to Order: Uta Shiotani called the meeting to order at approximately 5:50 PM HST

Quorum: A quorum was declared with >50% of the members present in person.

Introductions: All present introduced themselves, briefly summarizing the kind of glass work they do, how long they’ve been doing glass, and how long they have been in Maui. During the introductions, two items peaked group interest.

- Jim …. Talked about his use of LED lighting to enhance his art and provided some information as to types and costs. Somewhat related to that, Rick Strini announced that he was the Maui rep for an LED manufacturer, primarily for commercial enterprises.

- Karuna talked briefly about the vitrograph work she has been doing, and indicated that a video on the process was available.
Two of the visitors (Jenny Sharp…and Bob Lercari) indicated interest in joining the MGAA.

- Jenny had been doing stained glass. She is new to Maui from Kentucky.

- Bob recently retired and expect to work with his wife as part of Art to Harmony.

Treasurer’s report: The Treasurer was not available for the meeting. Uta reported a current MGAA balance of $2000. She reviewed what the MGAA dues are ( $36.50 per year with discounts for multiple years). A sheet was passed around to show status of the members regarding dues. Checks should be made out to MGAA and sent to April. The address can be found on the MGAA website.

MGAA Meeting Schedule: The meeting schedule through November was announced.

- May 10 at Dot’s house
- July 12 at Dennis’ house
- Sept 13 at Jim Smith’s house
- Nov 8 at TBD (Uta was looking for a volunteer)
Old Business: A. Lanai Show: Committee members include Dennis C,….. Dennis gave an overview of the ins-and-outs of the show. A list of participants going to Lanai was needed ASAP. MGAA would cover the ferry cost. Participants not going would need to pay $50 and would be limited to a 16x16x24 (more or less) size bin of product. He recommended catching the 6:45 ferry. Parking possibilities in Lahiena were discussed. Dennis recommended that people plan on lighting for their work and also having signs referring to proceeds going to Lanai children’s art programs, and that shipping is available. Tag every piece with price and artist’s name. Lanai Art Association is taking 45%. Uta urged members to bring snacks. Camping is available for $15/night.

B. Hui Show: Committee members include Mike…, Sandy Lercari, Dennis Chamberlain, and….There will be 3 jurors, one not from Maui. The Hui is receiving May 4th, with the glass art juried on the 5th, and pick-up on the 6th. Show will be May 12th through July 8th. The Hui cut is 50%.

Dennis Chamberlain made a motion that the airfare of Hugh Jenkins be picked up by MGAA. Hugh would be the non-Maui juror. He would also provide a lecture on glass art. Date is TBD. …Worchester modified the motion to include allowing Hugh to show his glass work as well. Motion was seconded by Rick Strini. It was unanimously passed by all MGAA members present.

C. Maui Mall show: Committee members are Dot, Sandy L, Jim S, and Cary L. Dot said big issue is insurance. She tried to tag along with Orchid Society but was denied. She heard that fee is as much as $400/day, which is not workable. Dot tried to contact Audrey but couldn’t reach her. Jim S indicated that Audrey had to return to mainland due to her mother’s illness. Since the show is entitled “Out of the Kiln”, it will also involve ceramicists and possibly bronze sculptors who would share insurance costs. Karuna felt that they could find a more economical way to deal the insurance. Dot will continue to pursue. No date for the show has been established.

D. Roster: Uta will send everyone a roster with email and phone numbers.

New Business: No New Business

Adjournment: Motion to adjourn was made. Meeting adjourned at 6:55.


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