Kiln-Formed Glass Artists

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Akimbo Studios - Kim Trelor
Pushing the limits of glass is exciting and inspires my latest series of work. Using a variety of sophisticated techniques and processes, glass expresses my artistic vision.
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Gayle Bright
I often cut hundreds of pieces of glass to fuse into one bowl or sculptural form. My original hand-carved wooden bases and bronze brackets enhance my sculptural glass.
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Dennis Chamberlain
I began my exploration with glass over 15 years ago by trying to fuse a piece of window glass to copper. It didn't work!
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Bill Cox
Taking pieces of glass and/or glass frits and powders and fusing them to create art. A process that lends itself only to the artists imagination. I enjoy fusing glass in a kiln and love to create pieces that utilize abstract patterns or shapes.
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Joshua Lee Cox
"Thermal Shock Therapy" is a technique in which a sheet of glass is heated with a torch until it cracks. The pieces are then laid out and fused together.
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Noor Dphrepaulezz
I have always been attracted to the specific alchemy of colored glass. I began experimenting with silver-nitrate glass four years ago & discovered an amazing new process to color and strike glass. Let me share these unique colors with you.
(808) 878-3565 |
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Sandra Lercari
My love of color has found expression in glass art. The boldness of color and the reflectiveness of glass have opened up boundless joy as have the endless possibilities of kiln-formed glass. Joining artistic expression with functionality brings me a feeling of balance and harmony.
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Nina Micheelsen, Nyna's Warm Glass
Art has always been a part of my life. Passionately I'm learning to express myself creatively in new ways. Join me in my journey through the infinite layers of Warmglass.
(808) 572-1065 |
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Karuna Santoro
Most of my pieces go through 3 separate firing processes above 1200 degrees, each lasting approx 24 hours. Some glasses react at their interface to create a third color and I often take advantage of this alchemy in the creation of my art.
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Jim Smith
I recently discovered the joy that is glass fusing. With this technique glass is now taking ever larger roles in my art.
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Audrey Ventimiglia
What a blast! Sparkling shiny glass of colors beyond imagination, fused together and then melted again over shapes (even original sculpture) to create a piece of art. The element of unpredictability in each kiln load brings new character to every piece.
(808) 281-2229 | |
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Dorothy Wissmar
Kiln-formed glass is my latest endeavor. I have wanted to be active in it for years and am glad to be making things at last.
2468 W. Vineyard St. Wailuku 96793 |
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Dona Ziegler
I incorporate painting onto my fused glass. This gives my work the Japanese Woodblock look. It is important to me to keep the ancient techniques alive.
(951) 440-7783 |
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