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Glass artists on the island of Maui, Hawaii

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    Aloha and Welcome

    On our remote island, Maui glass artists have created a symbiotic community. We are surrounded and inspired by the mighty Pacific, by the unique Hawaiian landscape and culture, and by the endless possibilities of glass. This medium has been harnessed for expression by humans for thousands of years and today, on Maui, we draw from history to make individual contributions to this ancient conversation.

    The Maui Glass Artists Association was formed in 2007 to support its member artists, showcase the incredible quality of glass art on Maui, and educate residents and visitors alike about the many forms of glass art.

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Artist Listing Categories of Glass Art News and Event Listing History and Glass Art Techniques Contact Information Located on the island of Maui, Hawaii, the members of the Maui Glass Artists Association produce an incredible variety of collectible, decorative, functional, and wearable glass art. The methods used by these highly skilled artisans cover a wide range of glass art techniques — Blown, Fused and Slumped, Kiln-Cast, Hot-Cast, Stained, Cold-Process, Lamp-Worked, Flame-Worked, Kiln-Formed, Mosaic, Leaded, Painted, Gilded, Etched, and more.
Glass art produced includes lamps, chandeliers, paperweights, vases, bowls, beads, pendants, jewelry, wall art, window and door inserts, sculpture, sun reflectors, ornaments, marbles, light boxes, and more.
Glass art is often thought of as functional and/or decorative art pieces for the home or as personal accessories. Destination management companies and event planners will be interested to know that many of the Maui glass artists' creations are appropriate for use as luxury corporate or business meeting gifts, as executive awards or incentives, or for employee recognition and appreciation. Custom orders are welcomed.