Cold-Process Glass Artists

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Akimbo Studios - Kim Trelor
This is the WORK in glass work, but cold-working elevates glass art pieces undoubtedly. (i.e., lamination, sandblasting/carving, grinding/polishing). Mosaics are also created using dimensional techniques.
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Dennis Chamberlain
I utilize several different cold glass processes. Photo-sandblasting to incorporate text and images into my glass, lamination to build 3 dimensional forms and coldworking to carve and sculpt glass.
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Joshua Lee Cox
My stained glass work is inspired by lines and patterns in nature that accentuate the beauty of the opalescent glass that Tiffany innovated. I work in copper foil and lead.
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Monica R Morakis
Sheets of glass, both opaque and transparent, are cut down by hand, assembled and glued onto various surfaces to create scenes that bring to life the daily beauty of Maui.
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Jim Smith
The fusion of wood and glass compliments each other. Highlighting the rich tones of carved wood with the dazzling colors of the glass.
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Audrey Ventimiglia
I love the many ways glass can be used in art. In Cold Processed Glass I incorporate glass mosaic pieces with my deep relief tile sculptures that have been glazed with melted glass. The result is a finished piece that is unique for its texture and depth.
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Dona Ziegler
I incorporate fused glass, shells, or other found objects into my stained glass and mosaic pieces. I currently teach mosaics at the local senior center.
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