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Akimbo Studios - Kim Trelor
Casting is an adventure - in the kiln, sand, or using sculptural techniques such as Lost Wax Casting. Sophisticated processes intrigue and inspire me. I love working BIG and casting offers me this opportunity.
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Dennis Chamberlain
Casting allows me to create 3-dimensional forms in glass and the casting process lends itself to so many different avenues of expression.
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Also see: Cold-Process and Kiln-Formed Glass Art
Bill Cox
Casting is an amazing way to form glass and the many techniques available to the artist allow one to create truly unique multi-dimensional creations. When casting I mostly tend to incorporate and work with the translucency of the glass in my castings.
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Noor Dphrepaulezz
I pre-heat casting molds with dichroic sheet & colored glass. After cast cores are annealed, they are picked up hot on a blowpipe & encased in soft glass. This technique gives incredible depth & detail to my tower sculptures.
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Nina Micheelsen, Nyna's Warm Glass
Wow, I'm so new at this, but the production of cast glass intrigues me. I find it a challenge to see how I can express my style through this medium.
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