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Rick Strini
Strini Art Glass/Custom Lighting

My GREEN had its inception in 1964. Since then, I have believed in the necessity of using the most environmentally safe materials and production techniques in creating my Art Glass. As a result I have not used dangerous toxic elements like lead, and always searched new ways to reduce consumption of fuel. Recently I have discovered, and added the most advanced combustion technology now available and the highest energy efficiency thermal insulation to my kilns to reduce our fuel consumption. This will help to reduce our carbon and VOC footprint to insure a safer invironment for our children and their future.

From my early days, and into today's market, I have always used recycled glass in my glass production. Now, even more conscious of our need to be environmentally "cradle to cradle" and " green", I re-melt my decorative cullet and seconds into new lighting forms using my twice recycled glass.

When we are developing new chandeliers and lighting products we like to manufacture with metals that are also recyclable, like the hand forged iron and stainless steel we currently use. Even down to the packaging of our products for shipping, we are using a high percentage of recycled materials.

With the green light on we continue using the latest in LED technology, CFLs and cold cathodes to be as energy effecient as possible. My Green efforts can be traced back 45 years right into today's market.

I am pleased, therefore, to be recognized by the 2008 International Light Fair Judges Citation Award for exemplifying the best in innovative design and thinking, recognizing the use of recycled material in lighting design.

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