Artist: Gayle Bright

Sculptress & Glass Artist
Makawao, Maui, Hawaii.

All of my life sculpting has been my passion. Imagining a design, sketching it, refining the lines, then creating a form in 3 dimensions is incredibly challenging and intensely satisfying. The medium did not matter much - clay, wax, woods, or metals - until I began working in glass. Subtle, luminous, sparkling, translucent glass draws me to my studio. It intrigues. It inspires. Hours pass, days pass as I cut and grind dozens or hundreds of dangerously sharp pieces of glass to fit into one of my designs. After so many hours of work will it survive the 1480° kiln and be transformed into one piece of art from hundreds of colorful shards? Most do, but some shift, bubble or crack and my efforts are in vain. Still the process is joyful and addicting.

I love glass!

My designs are based on the beauty of the natural world. Through the sales of my work I support the efforts of many organizations to protect our planet and the animals that inhabit it…wild and domestic.

I have been a professional sculptress since 1965. My works include fine jewelry in gold and precious gems; monumental sculpture in bronze; distinctive small statuary in gold, sterling silver or bronze; desk sets in 18k gold and sterling silver; elegant bronze vessels; romantic high relief sculptures in collectors plates and whimsical decorative boxes; and intricate stained glass and fused glass creations with sculpted wood bases and hand made bronze brackets.

Since 2006 I have been concentrating on studying technique and creating one of a kind artwork in fused glass and stained glass.

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